All results from the 2014 regional contests are now in. You can find them below. All first-, second- and third-place entries, as well as all three honorable mentions in each category, advance to the state competition, set for Saturday, May 3, at the Kansas Union on the campus of the University of Kansas. Registration begins at 8 a.m., with a general session at 9 a.m. and contests at 9:30 a.m. Keep coming back to the website for details about state (including the carry-in contest prompts) as they become available. Carry-in contest prompts will be available soon. KSPA and its affiliated universities would like to thank all members and judges for their patience during this time.

Pittsburg State
3A/4A Results

Fort Hays State
1A/2A Results (Updated on March 28)
3A/4A Results
3A/4A Advertising and Photo Illustration Results (Added on March 15)

Emporia State University
3A/4A Results (Updated on March 28) 

Kansas State University
1A/2A Results
3A/4A Results

University of Kansas
3A/4A Results (Updated on March 28)
3A/4A News Page Design (Added on March 15)
5A/6A UNION Results (Updated on March 28)
5A/6A BALLROOM Results (Updated March 28)

Wichita State
1A/2A Results
5A/6A AM Results
5A/6A PM Results


Letter from KSPA Director

2014 Simply Better 

The KSPA regional contests will be held from February 26 through February 28, 2014:

  • Wednesday, Feb. 26 — Pittsburg Regional (3A/4A) 
  • Thursday, Feb. 27 — Emporia Regional (3A/4A)
  • Thursday, Feb. 27 — Manhattan Regional (3A/4A and 1A/2A)
  • Thursday, Feb. 27 — Hays Regional (3A/4A and 1A/2A)
  • Friday, Feb. 28 — Wichita Regional (1A/2A, 5A/6A I and 5A/6A II)
  • Friday, Feb. 28 — Lawrence Regional (3A/4A, 5A/6A III and 5A/6A IV)

Here is the breakdown by class:

1A/2A Regionals — Manhattan on Feb. 27; Hays on Feb. 27; and Wichita on Feb. 28.

3A/4A Regionals — Pittsburg on Feb. 26; Emporia on Feb. 27; Manhattan on Feb. 27; Hays on Feb. 27; and Lawrence on Feb. 28.

5A/6A Regionals — Wichita I on Feb. 28; Wichita II on Feb. 28; Lawrence III on Feb. 28; and Lawrence IV on Feb. 28.



Step 1: Determine your school’s classification and regional location. 
Locations, classifications, and school codes can be found on this list.

Step 2: Based on information from step one, choose the correct registration form link below. The next steps will help you fill out the form. Deadline has been extended to Friday, Feb. 7.

Step 3: Determine your school’s 3-digit code.
(It’s the 3-digit code next to your school’s name on the classification/location list)

Step 4: Assign each participating student a 5-digit number, starting each number with your school’s assigned code found in step 3.

Examples: Sally Smith, 51601; Brian Fuller, 51602, etc. (The example school’s assigned code in the example being 516.)

To make it easier, assign numbers in sequential order (51601, 51602, 51603, 51604, 51605, etc). This number will be used by the student on each entry they submit (remember, no names are allowed on entries, only the student’s number)

Remember that a single student may enter up to five contests (but only two on-site). Use the same number for all individual contests.

If a student already entered is working as a team in theme or broadcast contest, assign a new number to all of the team members. Example: Sally Smith, 51637T, and Brian Fuller, 51637T.

Step 5: Complete and submit your registration form using information from steps two and three. You will receive an email from KSPA confirming your registration and the amount your school owes for the entries. Double check those entries and entry numbers and notify KSPA immediately if you see errors.

Step. 6: Submit payment for your entries to KSPA headquarters in Lawrence.
This is a new procedure in 2014. All entries must be paid by the start of the contest.

If you have any questions about registration, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]



Photos for News Page Design

Photos for Yearbook Layout