Congratulations . . .


to the hundreds of Kansas high school journalists who competed in the KSPA Regional Contests Feb. 26 & 27. Use the link below to view the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners along with honorable mentions. Where “N/A” is listed, fewer than six entries were received.

In some cases entries were disqualified for not following the directions in the prompt. Some entries did not follow the content directions in the prompt. Other digital entries were submitted to the incorrect contest. More feedback will be available when rubrics are mailed back to schools by regional coordinators in the next few days.

Rubrics will be mailed to advisers as regional contest coordinators finalize sorting rubrics. Certificates will be mailed from the KSPA office near the end of March after advisers report corrections. To report corrections, please complete this form by Sunday, March 15th at 11:59 p.m. Any corrections not noted on this form will not be reflected on certificates.

Please join KSPA in thanking our regional hosts:

  • Kelly Glasscock at KSU
  • Ron Feemster at ESU
  • Gerard Attoun at PSU
  • Amy Devault at WSU
  • Latisha Haag and Linn Ann Huntington at FHSU

Without further ado . . .