Your voice matters. And we want to hear it.

Because KSPA loves hearing what you have to say so much, we are making a documentary — a video that shows how student journalists can be strong, courageous and empowered. With our amazing state law in Kansas, student voices do extraordinary things. And this video will show the world how.

So, join in! Be a part of our video. Here is a sneak peek . . .


We are inviting journalism staffs from all of the state — urban and rural, big staffs and small staffs, broadcast and online, yearbook and newspaper — to submit videos just like the one below. Well, not exactly like the one below. Your video will feature you and your BPFs (yes, your Best Publication Friends) in your journalism room showcasing your voices.


We need a short video (about 7 seconds long) in which . . . .

  • One staff member holds a cell phone camera with the video camera in selfie mode
  • A cluster of other staff members stands in the background with publications or journalism gear
  • The students and adviser say: “Our stories! Our voices! Our freedom!”
  • And then you cheer like bonkers!

Check out the example above from Salina Central’s staff.

How to submit?

Simply drop your video in this folder as a video file. We will take it from there.


All videos must be uploaded by end of the day on Monday, March 4.


Let us know at [email protected]