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August & September Monthly Contest Results

Congratulations to the winners of the monthly contest covering the start of the school year. The top two schools — each with five awards — were Blue Valley Southwest (two firsts, one second and two thirds) and Mill Valley (one first, two seconds and two thirds). Six other schools tied with three awards each: Blue Valley West, Shawnee Mission North, Maize, Shawnee Mission South, Lawrence High and Pittsburg.

No entries were received for yearbook copy for this month’s contest.

Please mark your calendar for October 30, the deadline for this month’s contest. 

Academics Photo

  • 1st place: Jack Oxley of Blue Valley Northwest

Academic 1

  • 2nd place: Divya Jain of Blue Valley West

Academic 2

  • 3rd place: Daisy Bobbitt of Shawnee Mission North High School

Academic 3

Features Writing


  • 1st place: Carina Smith of Shawnee Mission North

Info 1

  • 2nd place: Madison Ames @amesmadison of Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School


  • 3rd place: Claire Robinson of Lawrence High School

Info 3

Multimedia News

News Design

  • 1st place: Shelby Beaumont of Shawnee Mission Northwest


  • 2nd place: Makaila Williams of Shawnee Mission Northwest

NP 2

  • 3rd place: Tori Aerni, Nora Lucas of Mill Valley High School

NP 3

News Writing

Opinion Writing

Photo Illustration

  • 1st place: Emily Brecht & Lyndsey Piska of Maize High

Illust 1

  • 2nd place: Jenna Fackrell of SM South

Illust 2

  • 3rd place: Abby Yi of Blue Valley Southwest

Illust 3

Portrait/Personality Photo

  • 1st place: Ryan Barrett of Blue Valley West

Port 1

  • 2nd place: Logan Brockschmidt of Olathe East

Port 2

  • 3rd place: Macy Frasco of Pittsburg High School

Port 3

Sports Photo

  • 1st place: Joseph Cline of Shawnee Mission East

sport 1

  • 2nd place: Karissa Schmidt of Mill Valley High School

sport 2

  • 3rd place: Sabrina Cline of Blue Valley West

sport 3

Sports Writing

Student Life Photo

  • 1st place: Adam Cole  of Topeka High


  • 2nd place: Jena Smith of Mill Valley High School

Stu 2

  • 3rd place: Brooklyn Klahr of Holton

stu 3

Video News

Yearbook Spread

  • 1st place: Shannon Wray and Mariana Orrego of Shawnee Mission North

YB 1

  • 2nd place: Leah Joseph of Blue Valley Southwest
Win CS Static

Win CS Static

  • 3rd place: Sam Bollinger of Pittsburg High School

YB 3

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