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Middle School Contest Results: Spring 2015 

Congratulations to the following students for their awards from the KSPA Middle School Mail-In Contest from the Spring of 2015. We are excited to celebrate you accomplishments as middle school journalists.

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Superior: Chloe Brown, Derby M.S.; Katie Brown, Maize South M.S.; Cammie Davis, Maize South M.S.; Edwin Falcon-Alvarez, Mayberry Magnet M.S.; Alisyn Harris, Maize South; Adreanna Needham, Derby M.S.; Madison Nudo, Andover M.S.; Benjamin Schroeder, Mayberry Magnet M.S.; Rebecca Strickland, Mayberry Magnet M.S.;

Excellent: Jamie Abernathy, Southwest M.S.; Isabel Brosch, Andover M.S.; Chloe Brown, Derby M.S.; Shayla Brillhart and Kaliyah Townsend, Southwest M.S.; Edwin Falcon-Alvarez, Mayberry Magnet M.S.; Josie Farris, Andover M.S.; Liz Haralson, Andover M.S.; Cora Griffin, Southwest M.S.: Brianna Hassell (2 entries), Derby M.S.; Nicole Knapp (2 entries), Southwest M.S.; Angel McDaniel, Mayberry Magnet M.S.; Skyler Meyer (3 entries), Mayberry Magnet M.S.; Madison Nudo, Andover M.S.; Bailey Palecki, Maize South M.S.; Reonna Riley, Mayberry Magnet M.S.; Ben Schroeder, Mayberry Magnet M.S.;

Honorable Mention: Emily Book, Andover M.S.; Mackenzie Farney, Maize South M.S.; Brianna Hassell, Derby M.S.; Cassidy Lathrom and Cora Griffin, Southwest M.S.; Benjamin Schroeder, Mayberry Magnet M.S.; Anna Scott, Derby M.S.; Rebecca Strickland, Mayberry Magnet M.S.;


Superior: Mia Albert, Mackenzie Farney, Crysta Soutiere, Holly Eaves, Maize South M. S.; Brittany Hoffman, Jillian Wilson, and Sophie Mitra, Southwest M.S.; Kendal Meyer, Derby M.S.

Excellent: Addy Austin, Isabel Goertz, Bailey Palecki, Pauline Oropesa, Maize South M.S.; Jackson Berland (2 entries), Southwest M.S.; Chloe Brown and Kristen Brown, Derby M.S.; Kristen Brown and Adreanna Needham, Derby M.S.; Adreanna Needham and Shelby Davis, Derby M.S.; Bailey Palecki, Addy Parks, Grace Shields, Alison Yonce, Maize South M.S.; Jeffrey Parson, Alexis Parke, Ashlynn Peterson, Alisyn Harris, Maize South M.S.; Pierce Saturday, Southwest M.S.; Gary Schmidt and Will Damron, South M. S.;

Honorable Mention: Morgan Hoyt, Aenya Richards, Grace Shields, Alison Yonce, Maize South M.S.; Sydney Barclay, Pauline Oropesa, Aynsley Paterson, AlleRose Fielding, Maize South M.S.; Alyssa Waller, South M.S.;


Superior: Emily Brenner, Andover M.S.; Anna Parnell, South M.S.;

Excellent: Camden Baxter, Andover M.S.; Paiten Jahnke, Andover M.S.;

Honorable Mention: Malachi Watson, Andover M.S


Superior: Sarah Matthews, Emma Armstrong, Alyssa Richardson, Basehor-Linwood M.S.;Reilly O’Donnell, Addison Gilliam, Sam Lawrence, Basehor-Linwood M.S.

Excellent: Matthew McKnight, Sterling Hollond, Basehor-Linwood M.S,; McKenzie Jones, Brianna Ward, Basehor-Linwood M.S.; Magi Osterhaus, Mackenzie Bizzell, Basehor-Linwood M.S.;

Honorable Mention: Delaney Farris, Kinsey Kuttler, Sarah Stalcup, Tony Malleck, Erica Brady, Lindsey Price, Summer Heinen, Hyla Wichmann, Nolan Ford, Dylan Mussett, Kobe Sifford, Madeline Hoffman, Ava Seaton, Macayla Wilming, Amy Eberth, Emmie Noyes, all of Basehor-Linwood, M.S.

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