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PODCAST: Nelson encourages students to think locally in their publications

Colleen McCain Nelson, the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial writer from The Dallas Morning News, urged Kansas high schools students to affect change at their schools by writing compelling editorials.

Nelson, a graduate of Salina South High School and the University of Kansas, spoke to students at the 2010 Fall Conferences at both the University of Kansas (Sept. 20) and at Kansas State University (Sept. 21). She began her keynote address with an overview of her work at the Morning News, particularly a series of editorials that shined a light on the plight of poor neighborhoods in south Dallas. She then discussed her work as the editor of the Salina South Tripodium before talking to students about what they can do for their schools.

The podcast was recorded at the KSU conference and lasts about 30 minutes. Enjoy.

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