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February Monthly Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the February 2016 KSPA monthly contest.

Mill Valley High School received the most awards during February:  Mill Valley was awarded two first places, three second places and two third places.  With five awards Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School received the second most awards in the month by a single school.

Please mark your calendar for March 31, the deadline for the next monthly contest. 

Academics Photo

1st Place: Nicholas Kahtava of Shawnee Mission Northwest 

1st Academics

2nd Place: Maddy Emerson of Pittsburg High School 

2nd Academics

3rd Place: Max Ramsay of Shawnee Mission South 

Singing a solo for the Master Works concert, senior Rose Smithson shows off her voice. Smithson had to learn an entire song in Italian to preform that night. phot by: Max Ramsay

News Writing


1st Place: Kylie Cameron of Shawnee Mission North  

1st Infographics

2nd Place: Adelaide Wendel of Lawrence Free State 

2nd Infographics

3rd Place: Alli Williams of Blue Valley High School 

3rd Infographics

Opinion Writing

Photo Illustration

1st Place: Sophia Ragomo of Blue Valley High School

1st Photo Illustration

  • There was only one entry in this category this month.

Multimedia News

Sports Photo

1st Place: Amanda Miller of Washburn Rural High School 

1st Sports

2nd Place: Maddie Davis of Blue Valley High School 

2nd Sports

3rd Place: Chandler Bado of Shawnee Mission Northwest 

3rd Sports

Sports Writing

Features Writing

Student Life & News Photo

1st Place: Nolan Brackin of Maize High School 

1st Student Life

2nd Place: Nicholas Kahtava of Shawnee Mission Northwest 

2nd Student Life

3rd Place: Shelby Hudson of Mill Valley High School 

3rd Student Life

Video News

Portrait/Personality Photo

Portrait/Personality 1st Place: Ryan Barrett of Blue Valley West 

1st Portrait

2nd Place: Lexi Tarter of Blue Valley Southwest 

2nd Portait

3rd Place: Hasan Al-Basri of Manhattan High School 

3rd Portrait

Yearbook Copy

Yearbook Spread

1st Place: Laken Wagner of Mill Valley High School

Win CS Static

2nd Place: Sydney Poteet of Blue Valley West 

2nd YB Spread

3rd Place: Deepti Sachi of Blue Valley West 

3rd YB Spread

News Publication Page or Spread

1st Place: Anna McClelland of Shawnee Mission East 

REDO 1st News Pub-2

2nd Place: Madison Ames of Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic HS 

2nd News Pub-2

3rd Place:Jillian Leiby, Sarah Myers of Mill Valley

3rd News Pub

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