With a new school year come new staff members and possibly some first-time photojournalists. This workshop is designed to help middle and high school students to become more comfortable with their school’s camera equipment and better prepared to capture the moments happening in their school. Through hands-on practice and various simulated student situations, students will be ready for the challenging conditions they will encounter during photo assignments.

The workshop will cover:

  • A review of their cameras’ basic features
  • Simulations of some photographic challenges pertaining to lighting and action
  • Lighting simulations in classrooms, a gymnasium, playing field, and an auditorium
  • Q & A Session
  • Packing your bag – Items you should keep with you while on assignment
  • Suggestions for equipment and fund raising ideas to help build your inventory

Why attend this workshop?

This is a FREE, hands-on workshop so your staff members will have the chance to learn and try out new photographic techniques. This is some of the same information I give my students who have consistently won Superior and Excellent ratings at the KSPA Middle School Photography Competitions.

Who is David Maneth?

Although I have been a photographer for over 40 years, I am relatively new to KSPA. During high school and college, I was a photojournalist and photo editor on multiple staffs while also freelancing my way through college receiving honors for my photography at the regional, state, and national level. These days I enjoy documenting events for both Mayberry and the Sedgwick County Zoo where I volunteer with their graphics department.

How to get there?

To find Mayberry Magnet Middle School make your way to the corner of Douglas and West St. Travel east on Douglas St. to Sheridan St. which is on the east side of the park. Turn right and travel south along the park. Turn right on the access road between the park and the school. Follow the access road west and to the left and park along the building. The entry doors on the east end of the parking lot will be open. The Library is down the hall to your right across from the Office. Multiple fast food restaurants are on West St. if your staff wants to eat before or after the workshop. There is a Quik Trip located at Maple and West St; or a Dunkin Donuts just further south, for your coffee needs.

To Register

Please email me by Tuesday, Sept. 6 at [email protected] with your school name and how many students you will be bringing. We will be walking around the school along with taking pictures from multiple positions so come prepared to be portable and dress comfortable. Chilled refreshments and some basic snacks will be available during the session.