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Unveiling the 2019 All-Kansas Yearbook winners

Congratulations to the following KSPA-member yearbook staffs who earned All-Kansas yearbook status in the 2019 All-Kansas critiques.

Our judges critiqued at total of 50 books and awarded 28 All-Kansas awards. Judges were supplied a critique booklet and a copy of the yearbook in October. The completed electronic critique booklets have been emailed back to each adviser. Each judge critiqued yearbooks from a single enrollment classification.

Each All-Kansas school earns an All-Kansas plaque. Winners will be announced and presented with the plaque at the KSPA State Contest opening ceremony May 2, 2020 at the Memorial Union at the University of Kansas.

Please contact KSPA by email with any questions or corrections.


Chase County High School

“Still Just Us”

The Chase

Editor: Landry Hinkson

Adviser: Linda Drake







Hillsboro High School

“Good Times 24/7”


Editors: Maddy Daniels and Millie Sechrist

Adviser: Jessica Bowman




Rock Creek Jr./Sr. High School

“On the Verge”


Editors: Abby Ruder, Allie Jensen and Taylor Lembright

Adviser: Jessica Augustine







Augusta High School 


The Augustan

Editors: Reagan White and Lauren Burrows

Adviser: Julie Barker





Buhler High School 


The Mangonel

Editors: Alyvia Owens, Bethany Yutzy, Danae Moser and Hannah Brummer

Adviser: Sarah Berblinger





Holton High School 

“Between the Lines”

The Retrospect

Editors: Macy Pruitt and Megan Lierz

Adviser: Karen Ford





Paola High School

“No Limit”

The Panther

Editors: Mariah Sullivan, Bre Allen, Hannah Menefee, Trinity Miller

Adviser: BriAnne Chayer





Piper High School

“Just Look”

The Pirate

Editors: Emma Johnson and Chase Bundy

Adviser: Amanda Goering







Andover Central High School

“Remember When”

The Jungle Book

Editors: Luke Redfern and Lauren Wolf

Adviser: Julie Calabro





Blue Valley Southwest High School

“You had to be there”

The Vision

Editors: Kaylee Cart and Betsy Burress

Adviser: Rachel Chushuk





Bonner Springs High School

“According to Plan”

Totem Pole

Editors: Virginia Hartley and Harland Zamora

Adviser: Jill Holder





Hays High School

“From Every Angle”

Indian Call

Editors: Emily George

Adviser: Bill Gasper





Maize High School

“Insiders Guide”

Regal Red

Editors: Ally Prebble, Meredith Frahm, Mia Hennen and Braden Stamper

Adviser: Anne Debes






Blue Valley High School



Editors: Hannah Patterson

Adviser: Michelle Huss





Blue Valley North High School


Northern Light

Editors: Grace Cote, Grace Glaser and Jocelyn Long

Adviser: Diana Klote





Blue Valley Northwest High School

“The Rules Don’t Apply”


Editors: Emily Runge and Katie Herndon

Adviser: Jim McCrossen





Blue Valley West High School

“As We Are”


Editors: Katie Pratt, Lexi Symonds and Olivia Wortman

Adviser: Deborah Glenn





Gardner Edgerton High School

“It’s Always We/Me”

The Trailblazer

Editors: Talon Renner and Kayden Rogers

Adviser: Lindsey Ross





Lawrence High School

“Adding On”

Red & Black

Editors: Emma Howard, Skylar Steichen and Maya Weslander

Adviser: Barbara Tholen





Lawrence Free State High School

“My Story, Your Story, Our Story”

The Talon

Editor: Caitlin McAndrew-Beckman

Adviser: Laurie Folsom





Mill Valley High School

“You just had to be there”


Editors: Annika Lehan, Libby Mullican and Mia Thomas

Adviser: Kathy Habiger





Olathe West High School

“Nothing Ordinary About Us”


Editors: Sydney Bui, Isabell Mayuga

Adviser: Julia Walker





Shawnee Mission East High School

“As We Are”


Editors: Addie Von Drehle, Hallie Higgason, Emily Cooper, Elle Angelo and Lilah Powlas

Adviser: C. Dow Tate





Shawnee Mission North High School

“Wait, Something’s Happening”


Editors: Delilah Brockman and D’Angilo Allen

Adviser: Becky Tate





Shawnee Mission Northwest High School

“It All Comes Back To You”

The Lair

Editors: Tatum Goetting, Mimu Mbogori, Ethan Schreiber

Adviser: Susan Massy





Shawnee Mission South High School

“Something for Everyone”


Editor: Abby Walker

Adviser: Tucker Love




Shawnee Mission West High School

“And Then…”


Editors: Rachel Berkley and Mary Beth Karlin

Adviser: Amy Morgan





Middle School


Derby North Middle School

“Inside Out”

The Falcon

Editors: Tayla Ahlf, Ava Brackeen, Marina Loera, Nikolas Shay

Adviser: Laura Hayden

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