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2022 Regional Contest Results

Congratulations to the students who submitted thousands of entries for the 2022 KSPA Regional Contests and won the awards below.


Over the past month, 72 Kansas high schools submitted more than 2,166 entries to the KSPA Regional Contest. Here are your winners!

1A/2A Results

3A/4A Results


Notes on this year’s contest results

Please keep in mind the following notes about this year’s regional contest:

  • The words “no award” are listed for many slots in the results sheet. Judges can award First through Sixth Places. However, if there are not enough entries for that many awards or if the judge believes that entries do not merit the award, KSPA allows judges to not name an award winner. Some judges chose to not award sixth entries based on their journalistic judgement.
  • Emails will be sent next week with feedback on the writing and visual contest entries. Certificates – for schools who have paid for the contest – will be mailed for all winning entries next week as well.
  • All award winners — from First through Sixth Place — earn a chance to compete at the State Contest.

Correction Request

If you believe that there has been a mistake in the reporting of results, please do not email. Instead, please fill out this form. All corrections must be logged by Wednesday, March 9, 2022. If corrections are not filed by that deadline, the incorrect information will appear on the certificate, and no replacement will be provided. Please file corrections for “Yearbook Theme & Graphics,” “Multimedia Storytelling,” “Social Media” or any of the video categories if one of the team member’s names is not included in the results. Thanks for your help in making our results as complete and accurate as possible.

Certificates, Entries and Rubrics

All certificate from the Regional Contests will be mailed after advisers and students have a chance to request corrections in KSPA results. Any schools who have yet to pay membership or Regional Contest fees will have mailed certificates withheld.

Information for a press release

If you are interested in showcasing the success of your students, consider using the document here to send to your principal, your school district or parents. Be sure to replace some of the content as it is meant to be customized to your school.

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