Contest X: Online Photo Gallery


Student safety is KSPA’s first concern. Please do not put yourself or others in jeopardy of being infected with COVID-19 through your work on this contest.


The student will submit an online photo gallery based on the prompt below. All entries will be submitted by creating a publicly accessible web page and submitting the URL to that page. Students will produce original work and will use only lawfully acquired copyrighted material.

Note: Because the web page will likely be part of your school’s online news site, this contest can not be anonymous. Judges will be able to see the school for each entry by virtue of being on the school’s online news site.

Each student will submit 5-8 original photos based on the prompt provided. All photos should visually tell a story. Each photo should include a complete caption and the entire gallery should be submitted via URL. This contest will challenge photographers to tell a story with their photos involving people and their environment. This contest is about quality, not quantity.

When creating your gallery, be sure to provide captions written in AP style and complete sentence(s). When writing the caption here is no need to change the name of the school or the people in the photo to make the caption anonymous. Jerseys, t-shirts and signs in the photos often make it obvious to the judge what school is entering the contest. Students should please write the caption as they would for their publication.


For this project, students may submit any photo gallery of their choice from this school year. For this category, students may use images created before the prompt release date. Students may submit a previously published photo gallery, or a gallery that includes previously published photos. Submitted photos should be journalistic images from some time during this academic year: 2019-2020. Students may submit a collection of photos that they had not yet posted online before this contest. The photo gallery topic or theme can be any kind of event/sports/issue/news/culture coverage.

We Repeat: Student safety is KSPA’s first concern. Please do not put yourself or others in jeopardy of being infected with COVID-19 through your completion of this contest.


This contest is meant to be completed individually. Please refrain from seeking help from your adviser while completing this contest.

Failure to follow these directions may result in disqualification from the contest without refund. Please read and follow carefully.

The 2020 State Contest will use Better Newspaper Contests (BNC), for submission.

    • On April 1, the system opens for students to submit work.
    • Digital submission entries will be due on Saturday, April 18 by 11 p.m. Central Time. (This is a change from the previously published date on the KSPA calendar.)


The entry must be uploaded to the KSPA online submission according to these specifications:

    • Please create a publicly accessible web page that contains the photo gallery you wish to submit.
    • Submit the URL of the coverage using the link below
    • When you submit your link, you will provide the name of the student who created the gallery and submitted the work.
    • The entry must be uploaded by Saturday, April 18 by 11 p.m. Central Time

Failure to follow these requirements will result in disqualification.

Here is a link to this contest’s frequent judging comments.