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Announcing the 2020 All-Kansas publications

Congratulations to the following KSPA-member staffs for earning All-Kansas status for their news publications, news websites and video news publications.

This year, our judges critiqued a total of 29 news publications, 12 news websites and four video news publications. 19 of those publications were awarded with All-Kansas distinction. Completed electronic critique booklets will be emailed to all advisers next week.

Each All-Kansas school earns an All-Kansas Plaque. Plaques will be mailed to advisers next week, as this year’s on-site State Contest has been moved online in response to the news coronavirus. Winners will be announced Saturday on KSPA’s Twitter

We thank all staffs for participating in our contest, despite uncertain circumstances. It is very hopeful to see so many brilliant staffs continuing their coverage from a distance.

Please contact KSPA by email with any questions or corrections.

2020 All-Kansas News Publications


Kapaun Mt. Carmel Catholic High School
Classification: 5A 


Editors: Lovette Mba, Natalie Knapp, Olivia Kilby, Jackson Bezdek

Adviser: Jesse Bernal





Blue Valley Southwest High School
Classification: 5A 

“The Standard”

Editors: Isha Patel

Adviser: Rachel Chushuk






Salina Central High School
Classification: 5A 

“The Pylon”

Editors: Madeline Paradis, Concha Campa

Adviser: Jeremiah Daniel Garber





Maize High School
Classification: 5A 


Editors: Casey Loving, Abby McCoy

Adviser: Dan Loving





Shawnee Heights High School
Classification: 5A 

“The Totem

Editors: Olivia Talbert, Isaiah Wilson, Colton Thompson, Rebecca Donaldson, Josh Ybara, Tia Munoz

Adviser: Jeni Daley





Andover Central High School
Classification: 5A 

“The Spotlight”

Editors: Ashley Zellers, Ryan Austin, Kyle Kohman

Adviser: Julie Calabro





Shawnee Mission East High School
Classification: 6A 

“The Harbinger”

Editors: Carolyn Popper, Caroline Chisholm, Lila Tulp

Adviser: Dow Tate




Lawrence High School
Classification: 6A 

“The Budget”

Editors: Sami Turner, Katherine Williams, Riley Unekis, Zora Lotton-Barker, Henry DeWitt, Meriel Salisbury

Adviser: Barbara Tholen





Shawnee Mission Northwest High School
Classification: 6A 

“The Northwest Passage”

Editors: Rylee Garrett Annalissa Houser, Ella Kuffour

Adviser: Susan Massy




Mill Valley High School
Classification: 6A 


Editors: Hannah Chern, Tatum Elliott

Adviser: Kathy Habiger




All-Kansas Video News Publications

The Maize Career Academy, Class 5A
The OneMa1ze Show
Led by: Aleq Pham, Sydney Holmes, Nate Moore
Adviser: Spencer O’Daniel

Blue Valley Southwest High School,
Class 5A
Wolfbyte TV
Led by: Laura Forrest, Grace Roberts, Riley Underwood
Adviser: Steven Cortez

Mill Valley High School,
Class 5A
Led by: Rylee McElroy, Annie Bogart, Emily Feuerborn, Abby Miller
Adviser: Dorothy Swafford


2020 All-Kansas News Websites

Maize South High School
Classification: 5A

The Bullseye Online

Editors: Brianna Jones-Rupp, Tyler Trice, Piper Pinnetti, Ben Anderson

Adviser: Spencer O’Daniel



Mill Valley High School
Classification: 6A 

Mill Valley News

Editors: Anna Owsley, Ben Wieland

Adviser: Kathy Habiger






Shawnee Mission South High School
Classification: 6A 

The Patriot Online

Editors: Gini Horton, Alma Harrison, Nichole Thomas

Adviser: Tucker Love



Lawrence High School
Classification: 6A 

The Budget Online

Editors: Daniel Davidson, Nadia Sanburn

Adviser: Barbara Tholen


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