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Unveiling the 2022 All-Kansas Yearbook winners

Congratulations to the following KSPA-member yearbook staffs who earned All-Kansas yearbook status in the 2022 All-Kansas critiques.

As of Nov. 30, our judges have critiqued at total of 47 books and awarded 24 All-Kansas awards. Judges were supplied a critique booklet and a copy of the yearbook in October. The completed electronic critique booklets are in the process of being emailed back to each adviser. Each judge critiqued yearbooks from a single enrollment classification.

Each All-Kansas school earns an All-Kansas plaque that will be presented in the spring at the State Celebration. 

Please contact KSPA by email with any questions or corrections.


Chase County Jr/Sr High School

“Bring It”

The Chase

Editors:  Lexi Monihen

Adviser: Linda Drake

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–


Phillipsburg High School


The Panther

Editors: Abby Babcock, Emma Hunnacutt, Madysen Boydston and Caitlyn Cheney

Adviser: Robin Sides

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–




Augusta High School

“Extra in the ordinary”


Editors: Haley Smith

Adviser: Julie Barker

Bishop Miege High School

“that’s how we define it.”

The Hart

Editors: Raegan O’Connor, Sophia Anderson, Eleanor Werner, Emma Goulding and Emily Lynn

Adviser: Sarah McCambridge


Buhler High School

“Play the Moments, Pause the Memories”

The Mangonel

Editors: Dylan Reed, Madison Mitchell, Carver Terrell, Breanna Bingle, Paige Simmons

Adviser: Samantha Neill

Fort Scott High School

“Our town our story”

The Crimson

Editors: Kerrigan Davis

Adviser: Michelle Laubenstein

Ulysses High School

“The U”

The Tiger

Editors: Alison Baker, Rocio Baeza, Aubrey Whittington, Addie Manzano and Kerlyn Enamorado

Adviser: Rachel Harmon

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–


Blue Valley Southwest High School

“NOW more than ever”

The Vision

Editors: Marissa Cart and Kelsey Schnettgoecke

Adviser: Rachel Chushuk



Maize High School

“What’s next”

The Regal Red

Editors: Laney Turner, Shelby Willems and Courtney Trent

Adviser: Dan Loving


Maize South High School


The Maverick

Editors: Julia Higares, Addi Rickard, Carly Craft, Alexa Harris and Ella Harris

Adviser: Madison Loomis


Mill Valley High School

“What a feeling”


Editors: Elise Canning, Abby Steiger, Damara Stevens and Allison Seck

Adviser: Kathy Habiger


Shawnee Heights High School

“Can’t Stop Won’t Stop”

The Thunderbird

Editors: Ella Copeland and Ellie Hall

Adviser: Sarah Weekley

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–


Blue Valley North High School

“Our Way”

Northern Light

Editors: Reece Bachta, Adelaide Edwards, Olivia Fields and Isabella Nolles

Adviser: Diana Manglos


Blue Valley Northwest High School

“How ’bout now”


Editors: Olivia Mahlios and Maggie Bunch

Adviser: Jim McCrossen and Kim White


Gardner Edgerton High School

“Feeling 22”

The Trailblazer

Editors: Kaylah Newman, Shelby Harding, Emery Watson, Alivia Drake and Shelby Davis

Adviser: Jeni Daley

Lawrence High School


Red and Black

Editors: Kenna McNally and Kate O’Keefe

Adviser: Barbara Tholen


Olathe West High School

“Try and stop us now”

The Parliament

Editors: Audrey Snider

Adviser: Julia Walker


Shawnee Mission East High School

“Can You Feel It?”

The Hauberk

Editors: Bridget Epstein, Alex Manning and Hannah Taylor

Adviser: C. Dow Tate


Shawnee Mission North High School

“So much has changed”

The Brickhouse

Editors: Carlos Mata

Adviser: Becky Tate


Shawnee Mission Northwest High School

“No More Waiting”

The Lair

Editors: Katie Burke, Maddy Graff, Katie Bustmante, Danie Eaves, Erin Dory and Josie Torres

Adviser: Susan Massy


Shawnee Mission South High School

“Of Course”

The Heritage

Editor: Samantha Santibanez, Coco Ridge and Gretchen Schmierer Knust

Adviser: Tucker Love

Shawnee Mission West High School

“The Shape of Us”


Editors: Elizabeth Habiger, Kylie McKallagat and Abby Smith

Adviser: Amy Morgan

Topeka High School

“Let me hear you say…”

The Sunflower

Editors: Kaylyn Sharp and Trista Davis

Adviser: Heather Hooper

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–

Middle School

Maize Middle School

“u decide”

 The Crimson Wings

Editors: Lilie Mendoza and Mya Price

Adviser: Amanda Hawkins

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