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Unveiling the 2023 All-Kansas Yearbook winners

Congratulations to the following KSPA-member yearbook staffs who earned All-Kansas yearbook status in the 2023 All-Kansas critiques.

Our judges have critiqued over 50 books and awarded 28 All-Kansas awards. Judges were supplied a critique booklet and a copy of the yearbook in October. The completed electronic critique booklets are in the process of being emailed back to each adviser. Each judge critiqued yearbooks from a single enrollment classification.

Each All-Kansas school earns an All-Kansas plaque that will be presented in the spring at the State Celebration. 

Please contact KSPA by email with any questions or corrections.


Chase County Jr./Sr. High School

“Without Limits”

The Chase

Editors:  Abby Jones, Alexis DeLong

Adviser: Linda Drake 

Hillsboro High School

“Our Time to Shine”

The Trojan

Editors:  Ainsley Duell

Adviser: Jessica Bowman

Trinity Catholic Jr./Sr. High School

“Countless Opportunities”


Editors:  Elizabeth Springer, Lin Dozier

Adviser: Clair Pennycuff

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–


Halstead High School

“Then and Now”


Editors:  Makayla Ediger & Emma Boese

Adviser: Kelli Zehr & Aurora Farmer

Heritage Christian Academy

“Charging Up”

Our Heritage

Editors: Maddy Wolf, Natalie Hopper, Rebecca Rose, Gabrielle McVay, Carrie Cunningham, Maci Hazel

Adviser: Ashton Nelson

Nemaha Central High School


The Radar

Editors: Sophie Schumacher & Becca Palmeri

Adviser: Katelyn Swart

Phillipsburg High School


The Panther

Editors:  Taryn Sides, Trinitti Gross, Maison Solida, Kyla Kenney, Jaxon Papp & Aliyah Brunick 

Adviser: Robin Sides

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–


Augusta High School

“It starts with step…one”


Editors:  Jaxon Williamson & Aspen Magruder

Adviser: Julie Barker

Bishop Miege High School

“Just Different”

The Hart

Editors:  Josie Herrold, Grace Vanice, Stella Cahalan, Grace Tucker & Clare McLellan

Adviser: Sarah McCambridge

Buhler High School

“Beginning to End”


Editors:  Paige Simmons, Lilly Coldren, Trent Sheridan, Kenzie Welch & Loren McQuilliam

Adviser: Samantha Neill

Paola High School

“Full Circle”

The Panther

Editors: Ashley Winterscheid and Anna Campa

Adviser: BriAnne Chayer

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–


Blue Valley Southwest High School


Vision 2023

Editor: Maleah Deshler

Adviser: Rachel Chushuk

Hays High School

“In Motion”

Indian Call

Editors:  Rylee Burd

Adviser: Jessica Augustine

Maize South High School

“So here’s what happened”


Editors:  Carly Craft, Addi Rickard, Julia Higares, Alexa Harris, Ella Harris

Adviser: Madison Loomis

Shawnee Heights High School

“Isn’t it Obvious”

The Thunderbird

Editors:  Taylor Rantz, Shea Marney, Mason Deitcher, Ella Myers

Adviser: Sarah Weekley

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–


Blue Valley North High School

“Life in Color”

Northern Light

Editors:  Caitlyn Choal, Kelsey Chellberg, Ben Fine

Adviser: Jacqueline Van Wyhe

Blue Valley Northwest High School

“Ask Anyone”


Editors:  Ella Hedin, Kylie Hess

Adviser: Jim McCrossen, Kim White

Gardner Edgerton High School

“Blazing Our Way”

The Trailblazer

Editor: Emery Watson

Adviser: Kristy Dekat

Lawrence High School


Red and Black

Editors:  Maya Smith, Maison Flory, Emily Hurd, Maebelle Hamlin

Adviser: Barbara Tholen

Mill Valley High School

“Just For Us”


Editors: Ally Sul, Casey Cunningham

Adviser: Kathy Habiger

Olathe East High School



Editors: Londyn Basham, Rocquel Howard

Adviser: Lindsey Skaggs

Olathe South High School

“Tied Together”

The Talon

Editors: Kate Widler

Adviser: Heather Springer

Olathe West High School

“What It’s Actually Like”


Editors: Andie Rau and Audrey Snider

Adviser: Julia Walker

Shawnee Mission East High School



Editors: Emily Winter & Calleigh Nachtigal

Adviser: Dow Tate

Shawnee Mission North High School



Editors: Rylie Peterson & Laurel Hansen

Adviser: Becky Tate

Shawnee Mission Northwest High School 

“Sounds Like Us”

The Lair

Editors: Danie Eaves and Marissa Buffon

Adviser: Christopher Heady

Shawnee Mission South High School

“Nothing Greater”


Editor: Gretchen Schmierer Knust

Adviser: Tucker Love

—–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–     —–

Middle School

Maize Middle School

“Take 2”

Crimson Wings

Editor: Sophie Cox

Adviser: Amanda Hawkins

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