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Congratulations to the December 2021 – January 2022 monthly contest winners!

The December 2021-Janaury 2022 monthly contest had 156 entries submitted. Mill Valley High School received the most awards, earning eight total. Shawnee Mission East High School was next and earned five awards.



News Page Design

1st Place: Quinn Franken from Mill Valley High School

2nd Place: Delaney Johnson from Bishop Miege High School

3rd Place: Avery Sigg from Blue Valley Northwest


Academics Photography

  • 1st Place: Ella Hans from Shawnee Mission East High School

After a long school day, senior Ella Smith goes into the journalism room to finish up work at late night. “We were doing senior ads and were trying to get them in fast because the deadline was coming up,” Smith said. “We were all super focused and just trying to grind out all of the work before the deadline.”


  • 2nd Place: Aubrey Nguyen from Derby High School 

Students practice knife skills while cutting vegetables for a charcuterie board during the Culinary Skills class. The class is a popular one, but students must have attention to detail to succeed. “I think knife skills are important because when we cook or when we want to eat, we eat with our eyes first. And so what looks good, tastes good. Also, when you have good knife skills, things cook evenly and taste better. I think anybody going into culinary, knife skills is a huge thing to be able to show,” culinary teacher Lexie Dill said.


  • 3rd Place: Josie Torres from Shawnee Mission Northwest High School

Looking at the crowd spread, assistant Editor In Chief Maddy Graff and Design-Editor Danie Eaves make edits Jan. 20 in Room 151. Graff picked up design this year after primarily being a writer. “I fell in love with design,” Graff said. “Writing is a way to express your emotions but design is a way for you to present your emotions to the reader.”

News Writing

Photo Illustration

1st Place: Quinn Franken from Mill Valley High School 

2nd Place: Levi Eck, Isabel Blasdel, Syndey Endicott, Laney Turner from Maize Career Academy

3rd Place: Vega Dominguez-Holgado from Eudora High School

Traveling is a passion of foreign exchange student Vega Dominguez-Holgado. Blissful scenes of majestic landscapes and sights are the goal for Dominguez-Holgado while visiting the states.

Sports Writing

Sports Photography

  • 1st Place: McKenna Ellis from Maize Career Academy

Senior Brandon Lee prepares to squat 385 pounds at the powerlifting meeting at Ft. Scott on Saturday, Jan. 8. Lee finished 1st in his weight class for the afternoon. The Maize South team placed 1st in overall team results and have won all four of their meets throughout Kansas this season.

  • 2nd Place: Katherine Hamilton from Shawnee Mission East High School

At the home game against Olathe East, senior Patrick Bergkamp dribbles the ball for a right side layup. “We underestimated them [Olathe East] considering their records the past couple of years,” Bergkamp said. “Unfortunately we lost by 8, and it”s always disappointing to lose on our own court.”

  • Third Place: Allison Seck from Mill Valley High School 

On the final lap of the 200-yard freestyle, sophomore Andre Arnold powers through the water Thursday, Jan. 27 at Shawnee Mission Aquatic Center. Arnold finished 5th with a time of 2:05.73. “I was so proud of myself in that race. I was so tired, but I kept pushing myself and ended up with my best time,” Arnold said.


  • 1st Place: Jillian DeVoe from Salina Central High School

  • 2nd Place: Chloe Miller, Avery Gathright from Mill Valley High School

  • 3rd Place: Alicja Peplowska from Fort Scott High School


Multimedia Storytelling


Yearbook Layout

  • 1st Place: Charlotte Hawes from Shawnee Mission East High School


  • 2nd Place: Maddy Graff from Shawnee Mission Northwest High School

  • 3rd Place: Ella Yun from Shawnee Mission East High School


Yearbook Copy



1st Place: Rachel Horsley from Shawnee Mission South High School

Lost in the music, junior Matthew Sutton rehearses songs with the orchestra before their Masterworks concert. The orchestra and chorr were working together to perform the song “Gloria.” “My favorite song was probably Concert Concerto,” Sutton said. “It was an exciting song to play alongside the choir.”

2nd Place: Selma Khokher from Blue Valley West High School

Jazz Hands. Performing at half time at the Jan. 12 boys basketball game against BV Northwest, junior Ana Landeras performs with the Crimson Cats. Landeras and the other members of the dance team performed to a mix featuring Peggy Lee’s “Fever.” “That song was so fun to dance to,” Landeras said. “It made you want to really get into it.”

3rd Place: Hailee Ford from Mill Valley High School

Junior Remi Zella enjoys the scent of her lavender candle, one of 15 candles she has in her bedroom. Zella’s room also features an entire wall of photos dedicated to her friends and family. “My room is my happy place. I love the smells from the candles. They help me relax and take my stress away,” Zella said.


Feature Writing


Student Life Photography

  • 1st Place: Sofia Hughes from Blue Valley High School

After a change in choral department head, senior Esenia Pittman has had the opportunity to participate in many new shows through the show choirs. “I applied to be director of Sounds of the Season because I thought it would be fun and teach me a lot,” Pittman said. “The winter show is usually the most popular so I got a lot of eyes on my directing skills.”


  • 2nd Place: Addison Driscoll from Lawrence Free State High School

Smiling together, students of the senior class perform in a class dance off during State Night. The seniors shared a moment all together in person, which has been limited in the last two years due to COVID-19 restrictions. “I loved being able to have something normal happen with my fellow seniors, and have that special moment all together,” senior Ashley Mai said.

  • 3rd Place: Libby Schwabauer from Blue Valley West High School

Boom! Boom! Clap! Firing up the crowd before the Dec. 17 boys basketball game against BV Southwest, seniors Aydin Freeman and Charley Mahoney perform the “chant.” The cheer began slowly and then got faster with each drum beat and clap until the crowd was in a frenzy. “My brother and his friend started the chant a few years ago so its special to me to get to lead the cheer.” The Jags beat the Timberwolves 71-62.

Opinion Writing

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