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October Monthly Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the October 2015 KSPA monthly contest.

Two schools tied for the most awards during October: Mill Valley and Shawnee Mission East. Mill Valley earned three first places in feature writing, infographic and photo illustration. Meanwhile, the Lancers of SME were consistent with two firsts, two seconds and two thirds. Shawnee Mission Northwest and Blue Valley Northwest tied for the second most in the month by a single school with four awards each.

Please mark your calendar for Nov. 30, the deadline for this month’s contest. 

Academics Photo

1st Place: Marin Hodges @marinhodges of Blue Valley West @bvwyearbook

011st Academics Photo Hodges

2nd Place: Ali Dodd @alidodd12 of Free State High School @FSTalon

022nd Academics Photo Dodd

3rd Place: Baylee Dobler @bayleedobler of Maize High School @MaizeYearbook

033rd Academics Photo Dobler

Feature Writing

1st Place: A Booth, M Mellott, A Talavera of Mill Valley High School @millvalleynews http://tinyurl.com/ppqlw2m

2nd Place: Grace Chisholm of Shawnee Mission East smeharbinger http://smeharbinger.net/news/aspiring-to-inspire

3rd Place: Ayesha Vishnani of Blue Valley Northwest @BVNWnews http://tinyurl.com/ojc4n52

Infographic Design

1st Place: Tori Aerni, Justin Curto @toriaerni, @JCURT14 of Mill Valley High School @millvalleynews

041st Info Graphics Aerni_Curto

2nd Place: Ben Kohl of Olathe East @OEHawksEye

052nd Info Graphics Kohl

3rd Place: Alli Williams of Blue Valley @bvtigernews

063rd Info Grpahics Williams

Multimedia News

1st Place: Yashi Wang, Celia Hack @celiahack of Shawnee Mission Eastt @smeharbinger http://tinyurl.com/q3ocn2v

2nd Place: N Booth, N Carrera, S Lopez of Mill Valley High School @millvalleynews http://tinyurl.com/oeszqet

3rd Place: Staff report of Mill Valley High School @millvalleynews http://tinyurl.com/pg5asfm

News Writing

1st Place: Zia Kelly of Lawrence High School @lhsbudget http://tinyurl.com/pkltp5s

2nd Place: Megan Munger @dragontwirler of Pittsburg High School @PHSstudentpub http://tinyurl.com/p9mcnge

3rd Place: Claudia Chen, Ayesha Vishnani, Olivia Baird of Blue Valley Northwest @BVNWnews http://tinyurl.com/qf3a6wt

News Publication Page or Spread

1st Place: Rachel Bateman of Shawnee Mission Northwest @smnwdotcom

NP 1st

2nd Place: Shelby Beaumont @sbeau21 of Shawnee Mission Northwest @smnwdotcom

NP 2nd

3rd Place: Chloe Guillot @chloe_guillot of Salina Central High School @chspylon

NP 3rd

Opinion Writing

1st Place: Natasha Vyhovsky @_NATthebrat of Blue Valley Northwest @BVNWnews http://www.bvnwnews.com/opinion/2015/10/09/lets-talk-about-sex/

2nd Place: Rebecca Abraham of BV West http://tinyurl.com/qzmq2sv

3rd Place: Alison Booth @alisonb00th of Mill Valley High School @millvalleynews http://tinyurl.com/q6hc6g6

Photo Illustration

1st Place: Madison Ferguson @Madi27Paige of Mill Valley High School @millvalleynews

071st Photo Illustration Ferguson

2nd Place: Sophia Ragomo of Blue Valley High School

082nd Photo Illustration Ragomo

3rd Place: Londyn Bogseth @LondynBogseth of Blue Valley Southwest @bvswyearbook

093rd Photo Illustration Bogseth

Portrait/Personality Photo

1st Place: Emma Moriarty of Blue Valley West @bvwyearbook

101st Profile Photo Moriarty

2nd Place: Maya Lee @mnl1313 of Shawnee Mission Northwest @smnwdotcom

Sophomore MaKenzie Cooper plays on a competitive softball team ranked in the top 50 in the country. She has won six awards for high school softball, including HyVee Metro Sports Player of the Week, Shawnee Dispatch Player of the Week, SMNW Defensive Player of the Year, SMNW Player of the Year, 1st Team All-Sunflower League Outfielder, and Sunflower League Newcomer of the Year. “I love playing on a team with people who are like my second family,” Cooper said. “Win or lose, they are always there for me.”

Portrait/Personality 3rd Place: Rae Thiemann of Shawnee Mission East @smehauberk

123rd Profile Photo Thiemann

Sports Photo

1st place: Jordan Joyce of Blue Valley Northwest @BVNWNews

131st Sports Photo Joyce

2nd Place: Kati Sneegas of Shawnee Mission North @YearbookSMN

142nd Sports Sneegas

3rd Place: Mio Ueki of Shawnee Mission Northwest @smnwdotcom

Sophomore Jackson Brogan runs at the cross country meet at Shawnee Mission Park on Oct. 8. This is Brogan’s second year in the SMNW cross country team. “Cross country is all about dedication and persistence,” Brogan said. “There’s not someone ready to sub in for you on the course—it’s just all up to you.”

Sports Writing

1st Place: Michael Magyar @mikemagyar28 of Blue Valley Southwest @bvswnews http://tinyurl.com/o3t2nmz

2nd Place: Greg Woods @GregWWoods of Manhattan High School @mhsmentoronline http://tinyurl.com/oaq6mlc

3rd Place: Kaitlin Yu @yukaitlin of Blue Valley High School @bvtigernews http://tinyurl.com/npvbxp6

Student Life Photo

1st Place: Ava Lipson of Shawnee Mission North @YearbookSMN

161st Student Life Photo Lipson

2nd Place: Addie Rose Griffith of Shawnee Mission East @smehauberk

182nd Student Life Photo Griffith

3rd Place: Erica Good @erica_good6 of Blue Valley Southwest @bvswyearbook

173rd Student Life A

Video News

1st Place: Taylen Hitchcock and Caroline McFeeters of Blue Valley Southwest @wolfbytetv http://tinyurl.com/o8x7684

2nd Place: Quinlyn LaFon and Ethan Pate of Blue Valley Southwest @wolfbytetv http://tinyurl.com/nke5bks

3rd Place: Griffin Nelson of Lawrence High School @lhsbudget http://tinyurl.com/ptty2t6

Yearbook Copy

1st Place: Emory Foster @FosterEmory of Shawnee Mission East @SMEHauberk http://tinyurl.com/p686ttz

2nd Place: Danielle Reichert of SM South http://tinyurl.com/pvwxvdl

3rd Place: Emory Foster @FosterEmory of Shawnee Mission East @SMEHauberk http://tinyurl.com/pgaltlv

Yearbook Spread Design

1st Place: Izzy Ramirez of Shawnee Mission North

YB 1st-1

2nd Place: Allie Fischer of Lawrence High School @lhsbudget

Win CS Static

Win CS Static

3rd Place: Lilly Snow @lslilgrl of Blue Valley Southwest High School @bvswyearbook

Win CS Static


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