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Congrats to March monthly contest winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the March 2016 KSPA monthly contest.

Two schools tied for the most awards during March: Blue Valley Northwest and Shawnee Mission East. Blue Valley Northwest was awarded four second places and two third places. Meanwhile, the Shawnee Mission East Lancers earned three first places, two second places and one third place.  There was a three-way tie for the second most awards in the month by a single school. The schools were Blue Valley Southwest, Blue Valley West and Mill Valley each earning five awards each.

Please mark your calendar for April 30, the deadline for the next and last monthly contest of the year.

Academics Photo

1st Place: Jesse York of Shawnee Mission South 

1st Place Academic

2nd Place: Kylie Kuska of Blue Valley West 

2nd Place Academic

3rd Place: Margaret Mellott of Mill Valley High School 

3rd Place Academic

News Writing


1st Place: Justin Curto of Mill Valley High School   

1st Place Infographic

2nd Place: Kaitlyn Noon of Blue Valley Northwest 

2nd Place Infographic-2

3rd Place: Carly McDonald of Blue Valley West 

3rd Place Infographic

Opinion Writing

Photo Illustration

1st Place: Rose Pollina and Jacob Cox of Shawnee Mission South 

1st Place Photo Ill

2nd Place: Ryan Barrett of Blue Valley West

2nd Place Photo Ill

3rd Place: Isabelle Allen of Blue Valley High School 

3rd Place Photo Ill

Multimedia News

Sports Photo

1st Place: Morgan Browning of Shawnee Mission East 

1st Place Sports

2nd Place: Claire Hessenflow of Shawnee Mission East 

2nd Place Sports

3rd Place: Libby Kaufman of Blue Valley Northwest 

3rd Place Sports

Sports Writing

Features Writing

Student Life & News Photo

1st Place: Donna Armstrong of Blue Valley Southwest High School 

1st Place Student Life

2nd Place: Jordan Joyce of Blue Valley Northwest 

2nd Place Student Life

3rd Place: Savannah Jones of Pittsburg High School 

3rd Place Student Life

Video News

Portrait/Personality Photo

Portrait/Personality 1st Place: Ryan Barrett of Blue Valley West  

1st Place Profile_Port

2nd Place: Donna Armstrong of Blue Valley Southwest High school  

2nd Place Profile_Port

3rd Place: Maddie Davis of Blue Valley High School 

3rd Place Profile_Port

Yearbook Copy

Yearbook Spread

1st Place: Kara Bamberger of Shawnee Mission Northwest 

1st Place YB Spread

2nd Place: Kylie Cameron of Shawnee Mission North High School 

2nd Place YB Spread

3rd Place: Kaleigh Schreiber of Shawnee Mission Northwest  

3rd Place YB Spread

News Publication Page or Spread

1st Place: Abby Yi of Blue Valley Southwest  

1st Place News Pub

2nd Place: Cole Drees of Derby High School 

2nd Place News Pub

3rd Place: Katie Hise of Shawnee Mission East  

3rd Place News Pub

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