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Unveiling the 2017 yearbook All-Kansas winners

Congratulations to the following KSPA-member yearbook staffs who earned All-Kansas yearbook status.

Our judges critiqued at total of 48 books and awarded 20 All-Kansas awards. Judges were supplied a critique booklet and a copy of the yearbook in October. The completed electronic critique booklets have been emailed back to each adviser. Each judge critiqued yearbooks from a single enrollment classification.

Each All-Kansas school earns an All-Kansas plaque. Winners will be announced and presented with the plaque at the KSPA State Contest opening ceremony May 5, 2018 at the Memorial Union at the University of Kansas.

Please contact KSPA by email with any questions or corrections.



Chase County High School (w)

“Record Year”

The Chase yearbook

Editor: Peyton Zerbe

Adviser:   Linda Drake



Humboldt High School (w)

“All In”

The Cub yearbook

Editor: Kira McReynolds, Cara Bartlett, Noah Johnson, Makaylah McCall & Tilar Wells

Adviser: Kim Isbell



Bonner Springs High School (w)

“We’ve Been Waiting For This”

Totem Pole yearbook

Editor: Anna Dutton & Summer Ney

Adviser: Jill Holder


Buhler High School (w)

“In Your Own Words”

Mangonel yearbook

Editor: Shalee Mog & Alyssa Carson

Adviser: Kelley Pankratz


Maize South High School

“One More”

Maverick yearbook

Editor: Brooke Taylor & Crystal Henry

Adviser: Shelly Walston



Blue Valley Southwest High School


Vision yearbook

Editor: Lilly Snow

Adviser: Rachel Chushuk


(No photo available)

Maize High School

“The Time In Between”

Regal Red yearbook

Editor: Chloe Willems, Baylee Dobler, Allison Evans & Nolan Brackin

Adviser: Anne Debes


Mill Valley High School

“Try To Define Us”

Jag yearbook

Editor: Sarah Morgan, Alexis Strauss, Laken Wagner

Adviser: Kathy Habiger


(No photo available)

Pittsburg High School

“Think you know Pitt”

The Purple & White yearbook

Editor: Brooklyn Rhue, Logan Lord, Grace Palmer & Jordan Hawkins

Adviser: Emily Smith



Blue Valley High School

“Be Heard”

Reflections yearbook




Blue Valley Northwest High School

“No, Seriously”

Horizon yearbook

Editor: Emily Albers, Ashlyn Griffin & Kate Kaufman

Adviser: Jim McCrossen


Blue Valley North High School

“A Part”

Northern Light yearbook




Lawrence Free State High School

“Our Voice”

Talon yearbook

Editor: Ella Spillman & Haley VanVleck

Adviser: Laurie Folsom


Lawrence High School

“Tell Me”

Red and Black yearbook

Editor: Allie Fischer & Kate Rettig

Adviser: Barbara Tholen


Shawnee Mission East High School

“From Now On”

Hauberk yearbook

Editor: Hope Hess, Katie Kuhlman & Emory Foster

Adviser: Dow Tate


Shawnee Mission North High School

“Thought You Should Know”

Indian yearbook

Editor: Moran Cole & Mariana Orrego

Adviser: Becky Tate


Shawnee Mission Northwest High School

“It’s All Good”

Lair yearbook

Editor: Tess Holcom, Austin Bachert, Jonathan Alexander, Molly Jewett & Bryce Rex

Adviser: Susan Massy


Shawnee Mission South High School

“Think Again”

Heritage yearbook

Editor: Trisha Olson, Kelsey Dunkin & Bailey Thomson

Adviser: Julie Fales


Shawnee Mission West High School

“At The Bridge”

Saga yearbook

Editor: Laura Florez

Adviser: Amy Morgan


Middle School

Derby North Middle School

“Up Grade”

Falcon yearbook

Editor: Sara Brown & Lauren Towns

Adviser: Laura Hayden


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