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2019 Regional Contest Results

Congratulations to the students who submitted thousands of entries for the KSPA Regional Contests and won the awards below.


Over the past month, 89 Kansas high schools submitted more than 2,100 entries to the KSPA Regional Contest. With a new format, we thought it would be fun to break down each regional grouping. We will showcase the top schools in each regional grouping and help you anticipate the state contest. The link at the end of each section will take you to the results spreadsheets. Now, here are your winners!

1A/2A Results

  • PLAINS REGIONAL: This regional was one of the closest for the margin between first place and second place. Earning 27 total awards and five first places, Chase County led the way in the regional and also among all 1A schools in any regional grouping. However, right behind was Sterling High School (2A) with one fewer overall award but the same number of first places: five. Skyline High School earned 20 awards in the Plains Regional. Full results here: Plains Regional (1A/2A Group A)
  • BISON REGIONAL: Hill City (1A) was strong in the Bison Regional, earning five first-place honors and a total of 25 points. They were trailed by Ellis (2A) with 18 and Central Plains (1A) with 17. Full results here: Bison Regional (1A/2A Group B)
  • HARVEST REGIONAL: The top finisher for any school in the 1A/2A Regionals was Humboldt High School (2A), the state champion in 3A last year. Humboldt led the Harvest Regional with 30 overall awards and eight first places. Lincoln Jr. Sr. High (1A) finished with 17 awards just ahead of Ellsworth (2A) with 16. Full results here: Harvest Regional (1A/2A Group C)

3A/4A Results

  • PRAIRIE REGIONAL: Chanute racked up 32 awards and seven first places in this regional, as the top 4A school in awards in any regional. Girard (3A) earned 16 awards while Augusta (4A) snagged 13 awards including four first-place honors. Full results here:  Prairie Regional (3A/4A Group A)
  • WHEAT REGIONAL: Phillipsburg (3A) and Piper (4A) battled it out for top honors in the Wheat Regional. Phillipsburg won 24 overall honors including four first-places while Piper earned 22 awards overall including six first-places. Congrats also to Silver Lake (3A) for 19 overall awards. Full results here: Wheat Regional (3A/4A Group B)
  • TALLGRASS REGIONAL: The top honors for the Tallgrass Regional was a virtual tie between Burlington (3A) and Paola (4A) as they both collected 23 overall awards and five first-place entries. Baldwin High School earned 15 overall awards. Full results here: Tallgrass Regional (3A/4A Group C)


  • WAKARUSA REGIONAL: Our first regional grouping in 5A/6A featured the hometown Lawrence High (6A) Chesty Lions earning 28 overall awards and five first-places. The defending champs from 5A, Mill Valley, collected 25 awards including six first places as they move up to 6A this year. Also from 6A, congrats to Shawnee Mission North with 20 overall awards. Full results here: Wakarusa Regional (5A/6A Group A)
  • NORTHEAST REGIONAL: The defending 6A champion from 2018, Shawnee Mission East, earned a total of 27 awards for this year’s Regional including eight first-place awards. The students of Blue Valley Northwest (6A) were right behind with 24 overall awards and seven first places, so that the two schools combined for 15 of the 19 first-place awards in the regional grouping. Congrats to Shawnee Mission Northwest (6A) for earning 20 overall awards in the Northeast Regional as well. Full results here: Northeast Regional (5A/6A Group B)
  • PIONEER REGIONAL: Placing first as a 5A school, Bonner Springs earned top accolades here, gathering 23 awards and five first-places. Blue Valley High School (6A) was right behind with 21 overall awards and three first-places. Also from 6A, Shawnee Mission South earned 19 awards. Full results here: Pioneer Regional (5A/6A Group C)
  • I-70 REGIONAL: The top awards stretched right down 1-70 from Salina to Manhattan to Blue Valley in this grouping, with 5A’s Salina Central walking away with a 5A-best 26 awards and eight first-place finishes. Manhattan (6A) and Blue Valley West were just one certificate behind with 25 awards each for their staffs. Full results here: I-70 Regional (5A/6A Group D)
  • CENTRAL REGIONAL: Earning 23 overall awards and seven first-place finishes, Wichita East (6A) was the top finisher in the Central Regional. There were two other close 5A contenders here: Eisenhower High School with 23 awards and Newton High School with 21 awards. Full results here: Central Regional (5A/6A Group E)
  • AD ASTRA REGIONAL: Another tight competition here with Kapaun Mt. Carmel (5A) as the top awarded school: 25 overall awards including five first places. From further west, Hays High School also had five first places and 23 overall certificates coming their way. Congrats to Andover Central on earning 21 awards as well. Full results here: Ad Astra Regional (5A/6A Group F)

Thank You

The contests would not be possible without the help of the regional hosts from each of our host universities. This year was particularly challenging for them as they coordinated the sending and receiving of entries plus judging. Please join the KSPA staff and board in thanking the following regional contest coordinators:

  • Latisha Haag at Fort Hays State University
  • Amy DeVault at Wichita State University
  • Josh Letner at Pittsburg State University
  • Spencer O’Daniel, Sarah Howe and Kylie Kinley at Kansas State University
  • Kristy Dekat at Emporia State University

We had help from over 100 judges from all over the country. They volunteered hours of time to provide accurate judging and some great feedback for students. Thanks so much to each of them.

And thank you to all KSPA member schools who participated! The Regional Contests are a key fundraiser, in addition to being a great educational tool and chance for competition.

Notes on this year’s contest results

Please keep in mind the following notes about this year’s regional contest:

  • “No Award Given” is present for many slots in the results sheet. Judges can award First, Second and Third place, plus three Honorable Mentions. However, if there are not enough entries for that many awards or if the judge believes that entries do not merit the award, KSPA allows judges to not name an award winner.
  • Emails sent last week provided feedback on the digital submission entries. All award winners — from first place to honorable mention — earn a chance to compete at the State Contest.

Correction Request

If you believe that there has been a mistake in the reporting of results, please do not email. Instead, please fill out this form. All corrections must be logged by Thursday, March 7 at 11 a.m. If corrections are not filed by that deadline, the incorrect information will appear on the certificate, and no replacement will be provided. Please file corrections for Contest V if one of the team member’s names is not included in the results. Thanks for your help in making our results as complete and accurate as possible.

Certificates, Entries and Rubrics

All materials from the Regional Contests (including certificates for winners, copies of the student entries in on-site contests and judging rubrics for digital and on-site contests) will be mailed after advisers and students have a chance to request corrections in KSPA results. Any schools who have yet to pay membership or Regional Contest fees will have those materials withheld.

Information for a press release

If you are interested in showcasing the success of your students, consider using the document here to send to your principal, your school district or parents. Be sure to replace some of the bolded content as it is meant to be customized to your school.

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