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Congratulations to the February 2023 monthly contest winners!

The February monthly contest had 137 entries submitted. The schools earning the most awards are Blue Valley West High School and Shawnee Mission East High School with a total of five awards each.  Bishop Miege High School, Blue Valley Northwest High School, Lawrence High School, Maize Career Academy and Mill Valley High School finished with a four-way tie with four awards each.

Video News

Video Production

News Page Design

  • 1st Place: Julia Shumaker from Mill Valley High School

2nd Place: Ayesha Khan from Blue Valley High School

  • 3rd Place: Sabrina San Agustin from Blue Valley Northwest

Academics Photography

  • 1st Place: Josie Peters from Blue Valley West High School

Swamped in the Environment. Showing his enthusiasm for teacher J.J. Quillen’s AP Environmental Science class, junior Will Behm wears the waders into the bog east of campus. Behm used Quillen’s walking stick to avoid as much of the deep mud as he could so he could find the most animal specimens. “People are so surprised that we actually go outside and get messy,” Behm said. “It’s such a great change of pace from sitting in a desk. It’s a cool class.”

  • 2nd Place: Kate Pedrotti from Bishop Miege High School

Passing time in eighth hour seminar, juniors Maryn McNally and Meredith Wright laugh and work on the community puzzle. The Media Center has flexible seating and mind-exercising activities, like puzzles, for students to use. “It can be a good brain break from the classroom,” Wright said. “I like coming in there at the end of day to relax after a hard school day.”

  • 3rd Place: Brodi Gary, Melayna Murphy, Deanna Provost from Olathe West High School

In Jason Jay’s seventh hour physics class, junior Trevor Johnson builds a simple machine that can lift a 200 g mass vertically 20 cm on Feb. 22. The class was using this hands-on lab to explore ways to use the least amount of force possible. In Jay’s class, they often preform hands-on labs to learn more about physics, including launching rockets and dropping eggs.

News Writing

Photo Illustration

  • 1st Place: Katelyn Krosky from Mill Valley High School

AI art generators are robbing the future of creativity and art.

  • 2nd Place: Carter Smith from Maize Career Academy

  • 3rd Place: No award given


Sports Writing

Sports Photography

  • 1st Place: Laurel Hansen from Shawnee Mission North High School

After missing a layup on a fastbreak on Feb. 24, senior Kaeson Fisher Brown rebounded his own miss and went right back up for a basket. It was a big basket in a close game that the Panthers lost 51-48. “I was feeling confident. In the heat of the game you’re worried about winning,” Fisher said,”So I was trying to do what I could to get my team going.”

  • 2nd Place: Teryn DeBey from Shawnee Mission North High School

Mid cartwheel, junior Marissa Pai performs for the judges at the Innovative Dance Competition on Feb. 3 at Olathe Northwest. Pai was awarded the “All Around Innovative” award for her musical theatre solo. “I enjoy musical theatre because it allows me to be expressive with my dancing and to tell a story,” Pai said.

  • Third Place: Grace Keller from Blue Valley West High School

Up and In. Elevating his game with a jump shot over a Blue Valley defender, junior Blake Killian scores two points on Feb. 3. The Jaguars lost to the Tigers 41-54. “We were doing great until the end,” Killian said. “I hope we get to play them again at sub-state.”


  • 1st Place: Nathan Wituk from Maize Career Academy

  • 2nd Place: No award given
  • 3rd Place: No award given

Multimedia Storytelling

Yearbook Layout

  • 1st Place: Ella Yun from Shawnee Mission East High School

  • 2nd Place: Evan Schotland from Shawnee Mission Northwest High School

  • 3rd Place: Laurel Hansen from Shawnee Mission North High School

Yearbook Copy


  • 1st Place: Laci Lister from Olathe West High School

During the championship parade, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce shows off the Super Bowl trophy. Kelce and his brother, Eagles center Jason Kelce, made history by being the first brother duo to play against each other in the Super Bowl game. The Chiefs brought home their second trophy in recent history and the city had a parade to celebrate. [The parade] was scary at first because there were people everywhere,” senior Keely Barnard said. “It was very hard to walk anywhere, so once we found our spot, we really couldn’t move. But it was really fun and a cool experience.“

  • 2nd Place: Evan Johnson from Shawnee Mission Northwest High School

Senior August Brocker leans against his 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Feb. 7 in his garage. In the upgrading of his Pontiac, Brocker has implemented new features such as headers, exhaust pipes and cold air intakes for his vehicle. “I started learning from my dad. At first it was just simple stuff like holding the flashlight. When I was 12 I really started to comprehend what was going on,” Brocker said. “That love for maintaining cars turned into upgrading them. Making cars faster and run better.”

  • 3rd Place: Alli Kushner from Blue Valley West High School

Winter Wind. Taking advantage of unseasonably warm weather on Feb. 22, senior Marly Andrews and the rest of the dance team practiced their national’s routine outside. The seniors wore their sashes just like they would in Florida in March. “I’m not really sure why we had to practice outside,” Andrews said. “I bet it won’t be this windy.”

Feature Writing

Student Life Photography

  • 1st Place: Laurel Hansen from Shawnee Mission North High School

Crowding the drumline, seniors at the pep assembly on Sept. 6 cheer on senior Addie Reichart playing the drums. Reichart then hyped up the following finale of the performance. “It felt really good to be around everybody and to have everyone feel connected,” Reichart said.

  • 2nd Place: Teryn DeBey from Shawnee Mission North High School

Bending down low, senior Remy Broome competes in the limbo competition. Each of the winter sports nominated a representative to participate and Broome was invited by the boys basketball team and teamate, junior Aziz Jagne. “I was surprised that I didn’t fall, and was slightly embarrassed about the double chin action I knew I had,” Broome said.

  • 3rd Place: Grace Keller from Blue Valley West High School

Balancing Act. Performing in the winter musical, The Music Man, junior Madeline Kirby and senior Ellie Vaughn sing, dance, and balance books on their heads in the song, ‘Marian, The Librarian.’ The play was performed to an elderly audience from local assisted living facilities during a matinee on Feb. 2. “Performing with Madeline and the other girls in that number was one of the most fun I’ve had on stage,” Vaughn said. “Balancing the books was hard enough but when the choreography had us start to throw them, I was so stressed, but it was a blast.”

Opinion Writing

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