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Olathe South student wins state t-shirt contest

Alex Delker, Olathe South, is the2013 state t-shirt contest winner. Out of 27 unique entries from 20 schools, Delker’s entry was selected for its creativity and clean design. He will receive $50 for his efforts.

Shirts will be sold at the 2013 state contest on May 4th for $15. Advisers who pre-order shirts with their state registration will receive a discounted price of $13 per shirt. All proceeds from t-shirt sales go toward the Jackie Engel Endowment Fund.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. The decision was not easy. Good luck to all state contestants. Contest files are now available for the carry-in contests.

Front Design. Artist: Alex Delker, Olathe South

Back Design. Artist: Alex Delker, Olathe South

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